Are Floating Stairs Safe?

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As a well-known brand in railings and stairs, Muzata launched their own floating stairs recently. Offering both functionality and style, Muzata stairs create a light, open feel and have become increasingly popular since its introduction. 

However, some of our customers are concerned about the safety of this kind of stairs and have asked us if this staircase can be installed in homes with children or individuals who require additional support when climbing stairs. How much weight do Muzata floating staircase can support? Whether child will fall through the open risers? Whether the steps will be slippery?

In this article, we will focus on the matter of safety, and see how Muzata keeps floating stairs safe.

Muzata double plate floating stair Scenario
Muzata floating staircase

What Are Floating Stairs ?

First of all, floating stairs don’t actually float.

We define them as any staircase with open risers, which means the stair treads are not connected to each other. And that’s why they appear to “float” in the air.

So how are floating stairs supported? Typically, the stair treads are connected by one or two stair stringers that run under the treads or along the sides. And there’s another type where each tread is only anchored to the wall on one side, leaving the other side exposed in the open space.

With this open design, floating staircases allow for light and visibility across the space that traditional staircases might block. Therefore this kind of stairs not only provide a functional path between different levels of a building or home but also serve as a striking design element, coming with minimalist, airy aesthetic.

Muzata floating stairs
Muzata floating stairs with mono stringer structure

Any Stairs Can Be Dangerous

Let’s face it, even the simplest or seemingly safest staircase has potential risks. 

Many factors affect the safety of stairs: inadequate design, structural instability, lack of anti-slip measures, poor installation and maintenance, etc.

These factors apply to floating staircase as well. Of these, the weight-bearing capacity, tread material and strength, anti-slip measures are something you must ask about before deciding to install floating stairs in your home or project, because they are critical to the safety of open riser stairs.

How Does Muzata Keep Floating Stairs Safe?

To ensure safety, Muzata has taken several key steps in the design and manufacture of floating staircase.

1. Professional Design and High-quality Materials

Muzata floating stairs are designed by professional structural engineers. Since each stair tread is an independent piece, the structural engineers must consider various load factors to create an efficient support system for the treads. And they also follow building code requirements for stair openings, guardrail clearances, tread rise, tread run, handrail size, etc. to ensure structural integrity.  

Meanwhile, Muzata uses high-quality materials for both the treads and the support system, which are also important for overall stability and long-lasting durability.

With professional design and high-quality materials, Muzata floating stairs can carry weight effectively.

Muzata Single stringer floating stair with cable railing
Muzata stairs solution

2. Maintain Key Dimensions

Muzata ensures that the gap between the stair treads meets safety standards, usually no more than 4″ (10 cm) wide, which means the space is too small for a child to get stuck or fall through.

Additionally, supervision and education of children about stair safety, such as using handrails and moving cautiously, also play a role in preventing accidents on floating stairs. 

3. Non-slip Stair Treads

The slip resistance of stair treads varies depending on the material. 

Muzata treads are made of high-quality materials with superior anti-slip properties. Besides, the surface of the treads has also been coated with an anti-slip coating to minimise the risk of slipping.

4. Muzata Stair Cable Railing for Extra Security

No railings or handrails are also dangerous for open riser stairs. Muzata usually recommends a matching stair cable railing system to increase both the safety and aesthetics of floating stairs.

Muzata floating stairs with cable railing
Muzata stairs and cable railing


In summary, despite the modern aesthetics and design benefits, the safety of open riser stairs cannot be overlooked.

With professional design, code compliance, high quality materials, non-slip treads and accompanied by a suitable railing system, safety concerns are all but eliminated with Muzata floating stairs.

Additionally, Muzata offers free custom design service for residential and commercial open riser stairs projects to suit your style, space, and requirements. Contact us today, and our experts will do all the planning, design and budgeting work for you within 7 days. So don’t hesitate to request a quote and start your floating stairs project now !