Meet Muzata Free Design 1+1: The Faster, Easier Cable Railing System!

Ready to embrace a new era of speed and convenience? Muzata, the leader in cable railings, proudly presents our latest innovation: the Handrail-Free Cable Railing System !

What Are Handrail-Free Cable Railing Systems?

This groundbreaking system offers unmatched convenience and efficiency, transforming your space with its sleek design and easy installation. Whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast, the “Free Design 1+1 ” promises a seamless experience, redefining what a cable railing system can be.

Benefits of Cable Railing Systems without Handrails

All-In-One System

The product is a all-in-one system that includes accessories such as posts, cables and flanges. It provides horizontal and stair railing sections in flexible sets of 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20 feet, with surface and side mounting options. Handrails are not included, giving you the freedom to select the best fit for your needs.

You can choose to purchase pre-packaged kit of the desired length directly or mix and match different kits to customize your setup.

Muzata Handrail-Free Cable Railing System
Build railings for level, corner, stair and other scenes

Free Design 1+1

By choosing to mix and match different kits, you can create the right railing for a variety of scenarios including levels, stairs, corners and more.

Free Design 1+1+1+···

With the design form of 1+1+1+ ··· cable railing kit splicing, it can be infinitely combined into one large scene. Large scenes are no problem with a variety of length options up to 20 feet and unlimited splicing. This splicing model provides an integrated railing solution that blends in perfectly with your home. Whether it’s combining sections or creating a cohesive look, the system works well for you!

A large cable railing project

Save Time and Effort

The all-in-one handrail-free system streamlines the process by providing a comprehensive solution that transforms the complex task of individual purchases into simple sectional purchases. This saves you both time and effort that would otherwise be spent selecting various accessories and components.

If you are faced with the following challenges with cable railings:
● Not sure how to match the components
● Unsure about the quantity to purchase
● Uncertain about the installation process
Choosing Muzata Handrail-Free Cable Rail System can eliminate all of these problems!

Cable Railing System: Handrail-Free VS. All-In-One

The cable railing system without handrails is also an all-in-one system, except that it does not include handrails in the kit. By choosing handrail-free kits, you have the freedom to choose the style of handrail you want and create a more personalised cable railing project.

Real feedback from Muzata customers

             *Real feedback from Muzata customers

High-Quality Cable Railing Accessories

The high-quality components included in the set ensure the long-term durability of the railing. The post, made of premium aluminum, along with the T316 stainless steel cable and adhesive sleeve, offer excellent corrosion resistance, rust resistance, and weatherproofing.

High-quality cable railing accessories
Four-layer process on post surface

The powder coating on the Post surface goes through a meticulous four-step process, ensuring exceptional quality and durability. Notably, it has successfully passed a rigorous 72-hour salt spray test, as well as a 500-hour UV resistance test, showcasing its reliable and long-lasting performance.

Create Your Cable Railing Project Now!

If you’re planning to build a cable railing system now, why not consider Muzata’s all-in-one handrail-free cable railing system? Get a better quality product, enjoy a more perfect experience, explore the infinite possibilities of cable railing splicing and create your unique railing project more easily.

Cable railing scene built with Muzata handrail-free system
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