Free design service

Personalized service: solution design + shopping list + budget

Personalized solution service

Now we offer the personalized design for free! Please fill in some information about your project and your preference in our request form and submit a sketch. Then we will give you an item list including all the items required for building a cable railing project based on your needs. The estimated budget and links will also be included. Afterwards, you could add items to cart in 5 minutes, significantly saving your time in researching.

Sketch example



1. We use Google Form to collect your answers. It requires you to login a google account.
2. Please send us asimple sketchlike the example above. Please check the requirements of the sketch.
3. We will send you an item list based on your information andneed your confirmation of the item listbefore going to the next step.
4. This service will take about 5 workdays to finishand may be longer during busy times.So if you are in an urgent case, please mention that in the request form.
5. If you didn’t receive our email after a week that you place the order, please check your spam folder or reach us by email or call.

The requirements of sketch

The important information below should be included otherwise we might take longer time to confirm with you.
• Mark the cable railing sectionswith measurements using a bold line.

• Mark the angle of the stair or rampand mention that it’s stairs.

• Mark the position of each postif you have this arrangement.

• The sketch and the handwriting should be clear enough for reading.

• Please upload some photos of your projectif you could. That will be helpful for      understanding.