Tap the Trend: How to Level Up Your Commercial Space with Muzata Cable Railing

Many homeowners are looking to improve the aesthetics and quality of their space through installation or renovation. In this regard, cable railing stands out as a good choice. Combining both safety and appeal, cable railings do not obstruct views, enhancing the openness of the space while providing security. The Muzata is a pioneer in the cable railing solution.

The popularity of cable railings has grown rapidly in recent years, extending beyond the residential sector into a wide range of commercial environments such as guest houses, cafes, restaurants, galleries, and so on.

*Muzata RC02 All-in-one metal cable railing system for 36” black side mount

Level up the Forest Lodge

Muzata collaborator, Devon Loerop, operates a sophisticated Airbnb nestled in the picturesque forests of Redmond, Washington.

Looking to upgrade his deck, Devon Loerop utilized Muzata’s free design services to acquire a custom railing solution. Following the installation guidelines, he completed the entire railing installation himself. Devon Loerop raves that Muzata’s Cable Railing is “The best DIY cable rail on the market”.


*Real feedback from Devon Loerop

The black railing system complements the dark architectural facade and blends seamlessly with wooden decks. The steel wire ropes, reminiscent of clean lines, maintain unobstructed views and take up minimal visual space, effectively preserving the connection between the architecture and the surrounding landscape, and enhancing the overall aesthetics of the space.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, the posts and handrails are suitable for outdoor use, ensuring both safety and durability while blending seamlessly with nature.

*Real feedback from Devon Loerop

Elevate commercial space sophistication

Cable railings are not limited to outdoor decks; they can also be installed indoors on staircases. In addition to guesthouses, cafes, standalone restaurants, art galleries, and other commercial spaces are ideal for cable railings, which effectively enhance the sophistication of the entire area.

Not only do they act as railings, but they are also beautiful architectural elements, giving your staircase a more open feel, and providing safety while adding a strong modern touch to your space.

*Muzata RC01 All-in-one metal cable railing system for 36” black surface mount

*Real feedback from Andrea

Muzata’s All-In-One cable railing system offers a variety of materials and styles.

In addition to the chic and modern black option, we also offer brushed silver posts that give an elegant and sleek silver finish. Combined with deep wooden decking, they create a contrasting yet harmonious look. When surrounded by greenery, they create a refreshing atmosphere.

If space is limited, you can opt for side-mounted posts, which not only provide security but also save floor space. This allows you to maximize your space and increase the feeling of openness in compact areas.

*Muzata RC02 All-in-one metal cable railing system for 36” brushed side mount

For seaside guesthouses or restaurants, Muzata’s aluminum posts and handrails are worth considering. Aluminum is well suited to coastal environments as it is rust and corrosion-resistant, resulting in low maintenance costs. It’s the ideal choice for commercial spaces in coastal areas.


*Muzata aluminum cable railing system

One Stop, All Done

Creative use of railings can effectively enhance the design of the entire commercial space. If you’re not sure which type of railing is best for your project, don’t worry! Muzata offers a one-stop solution including free design service, personalized quotes and detailed shopping lists along with thorough installation guides. Contact us and let Muzata help you enhance your commercial space!

Muzata cable deck railing for 36" black surface mount
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